Testimonials for Lifeline Gippsland

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That Connect Call Back service is so good, so good, so good!

Anonymous Connect Call Back recipient

Recently attended MHFA training at Lifeline Gippsland and was astounded at the level of excellence and professionalism displayed by trainers and current phone volunteers undergoing training. You guys are to be absolutely commended for the amazing work you do xx

Karen E Humphries

A team of dedicated individuals working hard to assist a crew of selfless volunteers – supporting those in their time of need!!
Feeling quite privileged to be a part of this organisation!!

Carolyn Sherrin

Just completed a mental health first aid course run by Lifeline Gippsland. I highly recommend this course for all bushinesses in the Gippsland area to think about putting some of your employees through. It has been one of the most beneficial 2-day courses I have completed through work. Mental health is something that plays a part through our society and workplaces so let’s educate as many people as we can and this is certainly a great way to do it.

Gregg Duncan

Lifeline is an amazing organisation who employ motivated and caring individuals to return care and motivation to our community. I am privileged to have worked with this organisation as they established their e-waste program and can’t recommend more highly how awesome the entire staff are. You all do an incredible job, keep up the great work!

Karen E Humphries