Lifeline Gippsland is a part of Lifeline Australia’s 24-hour Telephone Crisis Support network. Through this vital link with the community, our trained Crisis Support Workers spend time with each caller to reduce the caller’s distress and enable coping.

There are many reasons why people call Lifeline. Callers may also be living with the effects of substance abuse or domestic and family violence. A number of callers are simply lonely and need an empathic, non-judgmental person to listen to their story and ease their pain.

Our Crisis Support Workers are well-trained in Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention.

To help fund a part of these services, we rely heavily on our rags sales; we recycle un-saleable clothing that has been donated. Other opportunities to support Lifeline Gippsland are available here

Contact Lifeline Gippsland for further information.

The Open Book Approach

Are you a business owner in the Latrobe Valley? Would your business benefit from changing how staff mental health issues are managed in the workplace, and from working towards lessening the stigma of mental ill health? The Open Book Approach is a new program by Lifeline Gippsland, that works directly with businesses in the Latrobe…

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Telephone Crisis Support

The Lifeline telephone crisis support service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Call the Lifeline phone number on 13 11 14 to get through to a trained volunteer. The Lifeline phone service offers confidential crisis support and respects everyone’s right to be heard, understood and cared for. We also provide…

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Rag Sales

Lifeline Gippsland has bulk rags for sale to customers across Gippsland, from Bairnsdale to Pakenham. Rags are packaged and distributed direct from Lifeline Gippsland’s warehouse. Our bulk rags trading started as a way to make use of clothing that cannot be sold in our op shops and is popular with trades and industries.  Businesses that purchase…

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