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Lifeline Gippsland offers training courses to any individual, organisation or community group looking to develop strategies to help the more vulnerable members of our society. You might learn skills to help someone dealing with depression or develop suicide prevention strategies that could save someone’s life. Our training courses can increase awareness of the signs that someone might be struggling and provide strategies that enable you to support them.

Becoming a volunteer crisis supporter

If you’re looking to give back to your community, perform a rewarding role and receive a recognised qualification, Lifeline Gippsland provides training required to become accredited telephone crisis supporter. Visit this page to find out more or contact Lifeline Gippsland for more information.

We have courses available in the following areas:

Category Courses
Communication/Counselling Accidental Counselling
Mental Health & Wellbeing Mental Health First Aid
Depression Awareness
Partners in Depression
Domestic Violence Alert
 Suicide Prevention ASIST
 Crisis Intervention Psychological First Aid
 Corporate Training


Sometimes in life we’re called on by family and friends to lend an ear when they’re struggling, just to talk through their issues. You might have found yourself in this makeshift counselling session wondering what you should say back, hoping the words you volunteer are the right ones. Lifeline Gippsland’s accidental counselling course is designed…

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

There’s a frightening statistic that up to three million Australians are living with depression and anxiety. That means there’s every chance you will come across someone suffering these illnesses and be in a position to offer support. Lifeline Gippsland offers four courses that span topics such as depression, domestic violence and other mental health disorders…

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Corporate Training

Lifeline Gippsland offers a wide range of training courses to the corporate and community sector. Our corporate and community training is delivered by qualified and experienced facilitators. We deliver relevant, creative and engaging training programs, with a focus on understanding and skill development for a wide range of topics. Lifeline Gippsland provides specialised training in the…

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Training Calendar

Temporarily Postponed Lifeline Gippsland provides regular training sessions. Information about our latest training sessions appears on this page or you can also download the training schedule timetable. Contact Lifeline Gippsland  if you require more information.   NATIONALLY ACCREDITED TRAINING TRAINING TYPE DATE LOCATION START/END TIMES COMMENTS  Telephone Crisis Supporter Training   TBC  Morwell and Drouin…

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