Accidental Counsellor Training, Lifeline Gippsland

pg72Accidental Counselling

This training workshop is for anyone who often finds themselves in a counselling role by accident. Whether with your family, work colleagues or friends, this course offered by Lifeline Gippsland provides basic counselling and communication skills to people with no counselling experience.

Those who work or volunteer in certain professional or community roles can also benefit from this training course. This might include nurses, teachers, coaches, youth workers and aged care professionals, to name a few.

This training course gives you the opportunity to:

  • Identify signs of distress and problems in the making
  • Develop skills to help identify needs and work towards the person’s own solution
  • Learn motivational interviewing techniques
  • Find out what to avoid
  • Learn strategies for handling stressful interactions with distressed and angry people.

Contact Lifeline Gippsland for more information. Also, check out other courses we offer in mental health and wellbeing, suicide prevention, crisis intervention and corporate training, or look into one of the many ways you can become a volunteer with us.