Training for Depression, Lifeline Gippsland

Are you or someone you know experiencing depression? Depression is more than just feeling sad or low during tough times. People with depression can have intense negative feelings for weeks, months or even years, sometimes for no good reason.

Depression is relatively common, affecting more than one million Australians each year. Unfortunately, many people with depression don’t recognise it or get help however it is treatable and, with the right treatment, most people with depression go on to lead happy, productive lives.

Read on to see what programs Lifeline Gippsland offer for those experiencing depression or for those supporting someone who has depression:

Gone Fishing

Lifeline Gippsland runs the ‘Gone Fishing’ program for men who are tackling the blues.

‘Gone Fishing’ is a well-regarded and effective facilitated peer support program, run over six weekly sessions, which aims to provide men who are experiencing depression with information, education and a sense of connectedness. This is a FREE program which concludes with a chartered fishing trip.

Visit our News and Events Page for details on upcoming sessions.

Previous ‘Gone Fishing’ programs run by Lifeline Gippsland have been well attended and very beneficial.

Partners in Depression

Research has shown that people who love, care for or support people with depression can experience significant stress and are themselves at greater risk of developing mental health problems. Yet they are often the forgotten allies in the battle against depression.

The Lifeline Gippsland Partners in Depression training program is FREE and aims to address the information and support needs of those who live with or love someone experiencing depression. The training can be completed as three hours a week over four weeks or two hours a week over six weeks.

Lifeline Gippsland employs health professionals to present the program, which provides a forum to receive information and ask questions about depression within your support role, while sharing stories with others going through a similar experience.

Training covers the following topics:
• What is depression?
• Treatments for depression
• Suicide prevention and self-harm
• How do you best support someone with depression?
• Communication strategies
• Importance of self-care

Visit our News and Events Page for details on upcoming sessions.