Suicide Prevention, Lifeline Gippsland

Young-manWhat if you could recognise someone at risk of suicide and knew ways to help keep them safe? You would have a pretty powerful skill! The Lifeline Gippsland suicide prevention courses are designed to arm you with the skills to recognise and intervene when someone is a suicide risk.

Take a look at the following suicide prevention training courses Lifeline Gippsland has to offer:

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Most people with thoughts of suicide would rather live and they often signal their pain and intentions, offering us opportunities to respond. The ASIST training course offered through Lifeline Gippsland provides an opportunity to learn about these signals to offer a person help against thoughts of suicide. This training course is like first aid in…

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The safeTalk training course through Lifeline Gippsland is a half-day workshop offered to assist people develop an awareness of suicide prevention strategies. The course, aimed at anyone over 15 years, educates participants to recognise suicidal indications and steps to take if they come across someone who is a suicide risk. In most cases suicide prevention…

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