Donate Furniture, Lifeline Gippsland

Donate furniture you no longer use to Lifeline Gippsland! It can be a great way to reduce clutter in your own home and might support a family who really needs it. You might also find the old couch or table you consider past its use-by date is more valuable to someone looking to build their vintage furniture collection.

Having said that, Lifeline Gippsland has certain standards with the second-hand furniture it accepts so please do not donate furniture that is soiled, damaged, incomplete or broken. Our organisation incurs a large cost to dispose of sub-standard second hand furniture, taking funds away that could be spent on the vital services we offer, like telephone crisis support and suicide prevention.

While we are grateful for the generosity of those who donate furniture, our furniture collection drivers can refuse to pick up items that do not meet our standards. Request to have furniture collected by completing the form on this page.

We also accept donations of clothes, books, homewares and other items but these must also be a certain standard. Click on the link to find out what is appropriate to donate. Otherwise, if you’re more interested in donating your time than any items, consider the volunteering opportunities available with us.

*Please note that, due to a high volume of donations, we cannot book in furniture pick-ups until late January 2022 at the earliest.


  • Please note: While we are immensely grateful for the generosity of donors, our drivers are authorised to refuse to pick up items that may pose a Health and Safety risk during removal due to accessibility constraints, and items that do not meet our quality and acceptability criteria. Where necessary, we ask that you have your pets restrained.