Lifeline Gippsland board members

The Lifeline Gippsland board members are volunteers make decisions which shape the services offered to depression sufferers or more vulnerable members of the Gippsland community, including our telephone crisis support service and suicide prevention support program. They also direct the Lifeline Gippsland donations program, which enables the community to donate furniture or clothes, and volunteering and training programs for people looking to get involved with our organisation.

The Lifeline Gippsland board members are:

  • Matt Vella (Chair of the Board and Chair of the Governance, Audit and Risk Committee)
  • Belinda Bywaters (Chair of the Board Nomination & Remuneration Committee)
  • Mark Johnson
  • Debbie Knight
  • Dr Daniel Mainville
  • Keith Sutton
  • Dionne Olsen