Rags for Sale

Lifeline Gippsland has bulk rags for sale to customers across Gippsland, from Bairnsdale to Pakenham. Rags are packaged and distributed direct from Lifeline Gippsland’s Warehouse

Our bulk rags trading started as a way to make use of clothing that cannot be sold in our Op shops and is popular with trades and industries in the Gippsland region.  Organisations that purchase rags through Lifeline Gippsland make a great contribution to the environment through the concept of reuse and recycle.

Rags are sorted into different fabric categories (although ‘mixed’ is available) and they can only be purchased in 10kg bags.

Please note: some prices have increased as of July 2019.

Rag fabrics available for order include..

  • Windcheater: $9.50
  • Mixed: $13.50
  • Cotton: $18.00
  • T-Shirt: $18.00
  • Flannelette*: $22.00
  • Towelling*: $22.00
  • White Cotton: $30.00
  • White T-Shirt: $35.00

*Towelling and Flannelette in limited supply.  Capped at 6 bags per order.

Flat delivery fee of $5

Price includes GST and is per 10 KG bag


If you wish to place an order, please complete the details below or contact us for further information.

  • All prices listed are for a 10kg bag. Please note that supplies of flannelette, white t-shirt and white cotton are limited, and not always available.