Connect Call Back Crisis Support

Lifeline Gippsland’s Connect Call Back Service provides individual ongoing phone support to people facing a crisis.

It is available to people living in the Gippsland region (Local Government Areas of:  Bass Coast, Baw Baw, South Gippsland, Wellington, LaTrobe City, and East Gippsland). People seeking support will be matched with a trained crisis support worker (Connect Partner) for a period of up to 8 weeks. The Connect Partner will call the person at mutually agreed times to provide empathic, non-judgemental emotional and practical support.

Connect Partners are great listeners who will work collaboratively to:

  • relieve distress
  • develop and implement a plan to stay safe
  • explore and strengthen existing and potential coping mechanisms and skills
  • increase a sense of connection with personal and professional supports

What is a crisis?

Crisis, and how it is responded to, can be very individual. It can generally be described as a destabilising situation that causes a sense of loss of control, and is often accompanied by a sense of isolation or disconnect. Examples include:

  • death of a loved one
  • accident or trauma
  • serious or potentially life-changing physical/cognitive/mental health diagnosis
  • assault/violence
  • unexpected change or life-event
  • pending court proceedings
  • home/job loss

It is not uncommon for a number of events to add up to create a crisis, often impacting mental and/or physical health and creating a situation from which it appears there is no way forward.

The focus is not on the event itself, but on the impact the event has on the individual and how they cope.

Further information is available at

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