Suicide Prevention Training, Lifeline Gippsland

lonely guy on stairsMost people with thoughts of suicide would rather live and they often signal their pain and intentions, offering us opportunities to respond. The ASIST training course offered through Lifeline Gippsland provides an opportunity to learn about these signals to offer a person help against thoughts of suicide. This training course is like first aid in suicide prevention and helps caregivers recognise when someone might be at risk of suicide, learn to connect and understand what their loved one is going through, and increase their immediate safety.

The ASIST suicide prevention course goes for two consecutive days and is suitable for anyone aged 16 or older who wants skills to recognise and help a person in need. The training is particularly useful for certain professions, such as health professionals, community workers or volunteers and teachers, and people dealing with loved ones suffering depression. Lifeline Gippsland also offers a shorter half-day suicide prevention course, safeTALK.

In the ASIST suicide prevention program participants will:

  • Discuss suicide risk and safety openly and directly
  • Consider how attitudes and experiences affect helping
  • Learn and apply a model for suicide first aid intervention
  • Share ways to care for and support yourself as a helper

The training course better prepares participants to:

  • Recognise when someone might be thinking of suicide
  • Respond in ways that clarify and address suicide risk
  • Understand why suicidal thoughts are present
  • Work together with the person at risk to review the risk and increase safety
  • Facilitate links with further help.

Contact Lifeline Gippsland for more information, including information on our counselling, mental health and well being, crisis intervention and corporate training courses. You can also become a Lifeline volunteer.