March 16th Tin Shake

January 24, 2018

March 16th will see Lifeline Gippsland volunteers arming themselves with donation tins and taking to the Breed Street intersection in Traralgon with hopes of collecting funds for Lifeline’s Telephone Crisis Support Service 13 11 14.

Each call for help to Lifeline costs the organisation $26. A telephone crisis supporter on a 4-hour shift will take around 12 calls at a cost of $312.00 to the organisation. Across the day with phone rooms fully staffed, the figure is approximately $2500.00 per day. Raising funds is vital to ensure the 13 11 14 service continues into the future.

If you think you might have some spare time on your hands to help us out on the 16th of March, please give us a call on 5136 3500. We’d love to hear from you!