DV-aware 2016

December 16, 2015

What is DV-aware?

DV-aware is a 2-hour (non-accredited) awareness session that helps raise the awareness of the public around the issue of domestic and family violence.

What will I learn?

You’ll walk away with some basic knowledge and tools that will guide you to recognise the signs of domestic and family violence and reflect on what you can do as an individual or group to prevent family violence.

DV Awareness Sessions aim to:

  • Raise awareness on the issue of domestic and family violence among various groups and communities
  • Provide a space where people can talk openly about their concerns and questions about domestic and family violence
  • Provide basic information on how to engage with someone who may be experiencing domestic and family violence

At the end of the Workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the different signs and forms of abuse that constitute domestic and family violence
  • Familiarise themselves with the Cycle of Violence and Duluth Wheels – power and control, equality and empowerment
  • Reflect on and share what they can do if they know someone who is experiencing domestic and family violence

How much will it cost?

DV-alert awareness sessions are government funded, so the training fee is waived for people from the community to attend the session.

2016 Sessions:

15th February 12:30pm – 2:30pm
27th July 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Download the DV Aware Registration Form and return to reception@llg.org.au OR call us on 5136 3500 to book a place.